What I do

Content Strategy/Copywriting

Company Blogs

Companies are leaving a lot of lead generation opportunities on the table when they don’t have a consolidated content strategy. Usually, this means they have insights to share but they don’t have a company blog going. This is an area where I help clients out.

Collaborative Copies

High-profile business leaders and public figures often have great insights to share, but need help with putting together the copy. I work together with them to organize their thoughts and articulate them in a clean copy. As someone who used to suck at writing and now writes for Entrepreneur and Business Insider, I’ve worked hard to figure out how to improve my writing. With the right client, I’d be happy to help.

Software Development

internal tools

When your workflows are repetitive, chances are the time your team is spending on carrying them out is costing your company more money than you might think. In simple terms, I write scripts that help you automate stuff that you shouldn’t be doing by hand.

website development

Without a website in the digital age, it’s tough to have visibility with your potential clients online. Making a website is time-consuming — leave that to my team while you focus on growing your business.

miscellaneous projects

I don’t tend to take on a whole lot of these, but from time to time I’ll help companies with small projects here and there.


Founder of The Rising

Publishing has been interesting to me since my high school days. Since then, I’ve run two publications and today, I run The Rising, where my team covers how changes in the environment impact business, technology, and politics. I was surprised to see the intersection of my passions of writing and coding intersect here.

As of August 2019, The Rising does over 130,000 impressions per week across over 30,000 readers per month. Feel free to pitch us stories at tips [at] mediusventures [dot] com.

Contributor to Business insider and entrepreneur

I write for Business Insider about my personal experiences in business, both ups and downs, in order to help others, particularly young entrepreneurs, avoid costly hurdles and scale their companies faster, and, where I write interview pieces with successful (and often unconventional) entrepreneurs and break down how they did it. 

You can find my writing for Entrepreneur Magazine here. My work for Business Insider can be found here. I generally don’t take pitches (mainly due to time constraints), but if you’ve got something really interesting I’d be happy to take a look if you shoot me an email.

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