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About Steven Li

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Steven Li is the founder of Medius Ventures, a family of media brands (including The Rising), a content agency and a software studio. He is also a Contributor to major publications, including Business Insider and Entrepreneur Magazine. At these publications, he does interviews with successful entrepreneurs, writing about their journeys and summarizing key learnings for his readers. Additionally, he writes about his personal experiences in business, both ups and downs, in order to help young entrepreneurs avoid costly hurdles.

Leveraging his experiences, Steven helps his clients built internal software products to automate their workflows and tell compelling stories through copywriting. Operating at the intersection of programming and content, Steven brings a unique background to his clients, helping them both with their content strategy and software woes.

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When your workflows are repetitive, chances are the time your team is spending on carrying them out is costing your company more money than you might think. In simple terms, Steven writes scripts that help you automate stuff that you shouldn’t be doing by hand.

Companies are leaving a lot of lead generation opportunities on the table when they don’t have a consolidated content strategy. Usually, this means they have insights to share but they don’t have a company blog going. This is an area where Steven helps his clients out.

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